About Us

Founded in 2015 in Sunnyvale, CA, Fotogurus’ Visual Asset Management Platform has thousands of professional photographers and filmmakers in our creative network and over 75,000 successful on-location shoots under our belts, we are the leaders in connecting you with these pros. Our clients range from individuals and small businesses to some of the world's premier brands, including BMW, CBS, Expedia, Google, YouTube and Yelp.

Meet the team

KP Krishnan is a Alumnus of IIM-A and holds a Masters in Photography from New York Institute of Photography.Photographer of the year wildlife) 2013 & 14 Sanctuary Asia, Saevus & BBC Wales, Co-founded India's Largest equipment rental company, klachak.com

K P Krishnan

Fotogurus is solving a problem that affects a broad swathe of people, from individuals all the way up to Large Corporates.
It's hard to search for photographers and videographers.

OLX / Quickr is great for finding a deal on a used couch, but not a great source for finding the perfect photographer for newborn pictures. We love Google too, but pointing you to a cool-looking, singular portfolio page doesn’t tell you whether a videographer has the right temperament needed to work on your most important customers testimonial video.

Not only can we help connect you with an incredible engagement photographer or videographer for a customer testimonial, we can do it at scale for huge companies. A plethora of logistical issues arise when attempting to coordinate photographers and videographers in distributed locations. Scheduling, payment, support, and delivery all become painful issues. We've handled those problems, which is why companies like Stayzilla.com OYO rooms and more choose Fotogurus to handle their photography needs. Learn more about our Enterprise offerings.

More than anything, we love beautiful photography and video. We are scouring the world for the most talented photographers and videographers in order to make it easy to work with them. At Fotogurus we focus on quality, transparency and simplicity to bring them to you each and everyday.